Travel the World in Photos.....
These are just a small sample of my tens of thousands of photos, taken over a lifetime.  Some photos are digital, others 35mm film, all are available for purchase.  Please contact me at or for pricing and sizes and other available images.

An old man on Chicken Street in Kabul, Afghanistan
Two women who work at the restored Portrait Gallery in Kabul, Afghanistan
Young woman working in the National Portrait Gallery, Kabul, Afghanistan
A handsome young man on Flower Street in Kabul, preparing for his friend's wedding
Small boat in a bay in Antarctica
Colombus statue in Santo Domingo at sunset
A rainy day in Copenhagen on the old military base
A Havana girl in her quinceanera dress
Taxim Square, Istanbul, at night under a full moon
A boy near the boats at Cuero Y Saltado preserve in Honduras
Dogs in Ushuaia on the bottom of Argentina
A boy plays for change in San Telmo, Buenos Aires
Dreamy Dancer at the Black and Blue Circuit Party, Montreal
Old man in a Mazar market, in northern Afghanistan
Safe house in Antarctica
Mountains and glaciers in Califate area, Patagonia, Argentina
A mossy staircase in Copenhagen
A Swiss Guard awaits the Pope's arrival, Rome's Jubilee in 2000
Standing guard in the Dominican Republic's Soldiers Monument
A mosque through the gate in Amman
A boy in blue passes 3 burqa clad women in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
A young girl in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
A guard at the Jalalabad Governor's Palace, Afghanistan
Fatima, a young girl in a village outside of Jalalabad in Afghanistan
In the pits at Ground Zero, Sept 15, 2001
A fireman takes a break under a makeshift flag in Ground Zero, September 15, 2001
Remains of the Day: A New York Quebec exhibit in the Winter Garden which survived 9-11
The Pits at Ground Zero, September 15, 2001
A taxi-driver on lunch break in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Umbrellas on the Dead Sea, Jordan
Cuban soldiers celebrate Marcha de las Torchas, Havana
A Jordanian boy looks through a gate at Petra
Rainbow balloons, New York's Gay Pride
Carpets line a staircase in a 2,000 year old theatre in Jerash, Jordan
A Cuban polling station during Havana city elections, Vedado
A llama gets ready for a close-up, Machu Picchu
Heading into the pits at Ground Zero, September 15, 2001
A smiling Bedouin along the route to Petra
Soldiers guarding Taxim Square on the 550th anniversary of Istanbul Day
A Buenos Aires policeman at the Cabildo
The Cuban Muscle Crisis: a young man works out in Cienfuegos with Castro's all-seeing eye in the background
A Bedouin overlooks Petra Valley, Jordan
The white doves of Mazar-I-Sharif in Afghanistan
Soldiers in the Sastreria Militar, a base in Buenos Aires which produces historical military uniforms for ceremonies
Carmen and her grandson on Calle Arce, Buenos Aires
A soldier at the Sastreria Militar in Buenos Aires in a historical uniform
A soldier at the Sastreria Militar in Buenos Aires in a uniform from Salta in Argentina's north
A shadow in Pelourinho, in colonial Salvador, Brazil
Children play in Pelourinho, in colonial Salvador, Brazil
A sunsets as two lovers watch on the beach in Salvador, Brazil
Pelourinho, in colonial Salvador, Brazil
Sunset in Salvador, Brazil
A soldier guarding the United Nations complex in Kandahar
Evita's Recoleta Cemetary is home to 75 cats
Angels guarding Recoleta
The colorful but touristy La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, its former Little Italy
Colonial shadows in Argentina
Sunsets on Santiago shoe shine boys
The tomb of Maria Eva Duarte de Peron in Recoleta, Buenos Aires
A boy soldier guards a Taliban built shrine in Kandahar
Cats of Recoleta
Cats of Recoleta
The Madres de Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires fight for justice for their disappeared children
Corrientes, the Broadway of Buenos Aires, in the rain
A homeless child at the graffiti-covered Bankof Boston in Buenos Aires
Detail of Santiago's Paris-Londres neighborhood
An Afghan soldier in the Babur Gardens of Kabul
Boys in Jalalabad play with chickens donated by the Afghan-American Peace Corps
Khalilzad, the former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (now in Iraq) at a Jalalabad road opening
A young man poses in a hammam in Kabul
Waterfront cross in Salvador, Brazil
Refugee children in Kabul near the ruins of the royal palace
The shrine in Mazar-i-Sharif
Afghanistan's Marlboro man...western advertising permeates the redeveloping country, here in Mazar.
Afghan children in a village near Jalalabad
A boy holds ontohis mother's burqa as the sunsets in Mazar-i-Sharif near the shrine
Bra-vendor in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Women try them on under their burqas on the streets.