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Gay Travels in The Muslim World

Already a controversial book, the idea came to me when doing Between the Palms which had about a third of its stories set in the Middle East and other Muslim countries.  The stories here are most poignant and cover Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Omar, Bangledesh, Los Angeles, Egypt and many other locations.  The anthology includes works by Jeff Key, a gay soldier who had been based in Iraq; Afdhere Jama the editor of Huriyah, a gay Muslim news website; Parvez Sharma, the director of the film formerly known as In the Name of Allah on homosexuality in the Muslim world; as well as my own trips to Afghanistan along with the experiences of many other wonderful writers.  Some of the stories are poignant and deeply meaningful, others more playful.  All present a rare perspective on travel in this region.  With the world at war, what better way to promote understanding than by travel to these areas so poorly understood by most Westerners? 

This book was originally published in 2007 by Haworth Press as part of the Out in the World series on gay and lesbian travel literature, which I had overseen until the company was bought by Routledge in 2008, the new publishers of this book.  The book was recently translated into Arabic by the Lebanese publisher Arab Diffusion, the first and only gay American book ever to come out in that language.  This Arabic edition is sold from Morocco to Iraq and everywhere in between. 

Be on the lookout in the near future for Volume II of this fantastic book.

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Read the Page 6 New York Post review comparing it to the work of Salman Rushdie:


The Arabic edition is available via the website of the Lebanese publisher Arab Diffusion, or Al-Intishar Al-Arabi:


In New York, or to order within the United States and Canada, contact the Arabic bookstore Dahesh Books:

The Voyeur

....a novel by Michael Luongo


This book was released in Spring of 2007 by Alyson Books.  This is my debut novel, the story of Jason, a young sex researcher in Giuliani era New York who slowly uncovers the sex secrets of those closest to him.  It's very loosely inspired by my many years as a sex researcher in New York, San Francisco and Europe.  Sure to be a best seller, you can find out more information on this novel by clicking here:




Frommer's Buenos Aires

Streets that look like Paris, warm hearts and souls that lead to long conversations and more, late nights out dancing until the sun comes out. If you know me, you know how much I love Buenos Aires. I'm already one of America's best writers on the city, and I recently completed the Frommer's Third Edition Buenos Aires guidebook. It had always been a dream of mine to live in the city, as well as just visit, and with this book, I got my wish.

Let my experiences and love for Buenos Aires and her people be your guide to this wonderful city. This is the best selling U.S. published guide to Buenos Aires, purchased by about 1 in 10 Americans heading to Argentina. When traveling with friends and family, nearly 40% of  Americans heading to Argentina rely on my advice.  Shouldn't you??

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The book contains a wealth of information to help you truly enjoy this wonderful city as much as I do each time I am there!




Looking for Love in Faraway Places

A collection of essays by gay men who have fallen in love around the world, some of whom have overcome the legal obstacles thwarting gay men from bringing their true loves home.  Love knows no boundaries, even if the law does.  This collection is especially enlightening considering the laws enacted since 9-11.

This collection was published by Haworth Press in the Out in the World Series on gay and lesbian travel literature.  Find out more by clicking here:


Between the Palms



Between the Palms, from Haworth Press gay travel erotica, fantasymichael luongo gay sex tourism gay fun palm springs beaches
Between the Palms, from Haworth Press

Between the Palms is a collection of gay travel erotica with contributions by several wonderful authors, some established, others up and coming. 

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The book had been released by Haworth but is now awaiting a new publisher since Haworth's buyout in 2008. However, there are still some copies for sale on a limited basis through various retailers and on Amazon.




Gay Tourism


Gay Tourism:  Culture, Identity and Sex is a book I co-edited along with Dr. Stephen Clift and Carry Callister of the Canterbury Christ Church College Centre for Health Education Research where I used to work.  [Yes, that really was the name of the place; try saying that on the phone when calling people.] Among other things, we advised the Terrence Higgins Trust on safer sex programs for gay men who travel while in essence doing sex research for Her Majesty the Queen at the teaching college for the Church of England.  Those crazy Brits.  The book was published in 2002 by Continuum which has since become part of Thomson.  2002 was also the year of Her Majesty's Jubilee so I consider this my gift to her reign.  I don't know her opinion of it however.

This book is groundbreaking as it was the first academic book on the gay travel industry and is used in college classrooms to teach the subject.  It is also an important tool used by marketing professionals to better understand this sector of tourism.

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In addition, I have also contributed to various other books such as Painted Leaf Press's Latin Lovers, Suspect Thoughts' I Do/I Don't, Dr. Samir Habib's academic book Islam and Homosexuality and many other books.